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The Adventures in Delicious Dating After 40 series is the encyclopedia for those dating again in midlife. It’s the guide for those who haven’t journeyed down the dating path in a while.

You’ll see how having an embracing and curious attitude can turn virtually any encounter into an interesting adventure — and even if it’s not, there’s a lesson for you. You’ll see how you can embrace this time in your life as an opportunity to meet “treasures” even if those men don’t turn into romantic relationships.

This series of books are full of lessons, stories, insights and advice from a fellow midlife woman — the Dating Goddess — who dated 91 men in 3.5 years after her 20-year marriage dissolved.

The Dating Goddess gives you the scoop on what you need to know, what’s changed since you last dated, and how to navigate inevitable bumps in the road. She’ll help you embrace dating in midlife with a sense of adventure and encouragement, even when you don’t meet Mr. Great on your first date — or maybe even first dozen dates.

Dating again after a long absence can create fear and trepidation. The Dating Goddess helps you understand what to expect with midlife dating through her stories of her experiences and epiphanies so you can experience dating with your eyes and heart wide open. You’ll learn how to attract interesting men and avoid those who aren’t interested in you.

Since the last time you’ve dated, some things have changed, others haven’t. Learn what to expect from someone who has approached reentering the dating pool with verve, humor, and a unique perspective. You’ll enjoy your “date” with these books, learn some new things, reinforce others, and get started on your journey with vigor.

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Rave reviews

Read Dr. Karen Kan wrote this about the Adventures in Delicious Dating After 40 books:

“The Dating Goddess…is a perfect teacher for those who really want to know how to date. She has a huge following of women over 40 who are either actively dating or re-entering the dating scene for the first time. I’m SURE you’ll find her writing not only informative, but incredibly entertaining. Enjoy!”

Read Dr. Karen Kan’s full review.

Dr. Jenn wrote this about the Adventures in Delicious Dating After 40 books:

“[The Dating Goddess’s] books are just filled to the brim with nuggets of wisdom. I encourage you to check them out today and see which one speaks most to you right now. They are organized into the stages of dating — so you can pick the one that fits best for you. Or you can get a deal by buying more than one at a time.

Read Dr. Jenn’s full review

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Attract Your Next Great MateWith your purchase of any of the Adventures in Delicious Dating After 40 series books you get a copy of the bonus eBook, Attract Your Next Great Mate: Dating Advice From Top Relationship Experts, full of thought-provoking ideas from 12 dating/relationship experts! Download instructions are included inside each of the books.

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“Sieze the Day” 10-pack

“Aggressively Single” 25-pack


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