Love advice from a Frenchman

A few days ago, over a pain au chocolat in Paris, my French friend Benoit shared relationship advice. While it was something I’d heard before, somehow coming from a French man in Paris, delivered in his charming French accent, it had more gravitas.

DG: Benoit, the French have an international reputation for love, romance and sensuality. You’ve been married over two decades. What do you attribute your long-term relationship success to?

Benoit: It ez very zimple. Anyone can understand.

DG: OK. Tell me.

Benoit: You must court your love az long az you are together.

DG: Is that it? Is there more?

Benoit: I tell my wiv I love her every day. I tell her in different wayz.

DG: Like what?

Benoit: One day I tell her she is beautiful. Another day I tell her I love how she smellz. Another, how sexy she is. Another, what a good cook she iz. I compliment her on the different thingz I love about her.

DG: Does she do the same?

Benoit: She tellz me in different wayz. I know she lovez me.

DG: And you feel that is the secret to your long-term happiness?

Benoit: Abzolutely! We appreciate each other every day.

So there you have it — straight from a Frenchman’s lips! I agree with him wholeheartedly. Dating and courting never end. It keeps the allure and passion alive.

Now, if I could just find a Frenchman with whom to try out this idea.


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5 responses to “Love advice from a Frenchman”

  1. Divinely Divorced Avatar

    Still looking for that Frenchman! Loved your article. My blog fans would love your style. Will pass it on!
    All the best,

  2. Christina Avatar

    Your French friend sounds very cute. 😉 It does seem like the French are very good at romance, and that’s the key to keeping any relationship fresh.

  3. amazingg0477 Avatar

    I have one of these (A Frenchman) and he told me EXACTLY the same thing! About how you always need to make an effort to be nice and attractive whether it’s date one or 100. Although he has been slacking a bit on this (it’s been 10 months now). Maybe I need to email him this blog post…

  4. Arina Avatar

    In my life I met 2 French guys, first one was friend and second time I met Reane in California, we met for one evening, nothing happened we did have amazing chemistry, he give butterflies in my stomach, he went back to France but I will never forget that kiss and how full of life he was, made me laugh, so far from that one evening I had 441 text messages. I only wish I will see him again. He makes my heart beat every time I hear his voice. I haven’t feel for anybody like that for a long time. Too bad I had to leave him alone that evening after few glasses of red wine and one unforgettable kiss. I was a good girl:) who knows what future brings, He still in my head everyday”. So intelligent, smart, passion, funny, stylish, groomed, I love it Allllllll. I Want To see Him screammmmmmmmm! Ooh French Man;)

  5. Bendilyn Bach Avatar
    Bendilyn Bach

    Wow, Arina! I am getting a little flushed just reading you. Why didn’t you pursue him? I managed to catch and keep a Frenchman. Though it has not always been as romantic as Benoit’s depiction or as passionate as Arina’s, our adventure has lasted for 22 years and counting.

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