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Adventures in Delicious Dating After 40 is pleased to be a featured blogger on OurStory.com. OurStory is a unique service that allows you to share your thoughts and pictures only with those you choose. You can even have different circles of friends who you want to share different aspects of your life. Think of it as a journal/blog/online scrapbook/photo album all rolled into one — and you control the viewership!

Here’s the description they provide, and click on the image to go to their site.

As easily as exchanging e-mail with friends, writing a private note, or uploading a photo, OurStory helps capture the memories and moments from life’s journey in a permanent, secure online archive that you share with the people who matter in your life. Each detail is organized by date, place and topic on your personalized timeline… letting you add chapters, see the whole picture, and easily find whatever you’re looking for.

OurStory keeps everything organized and secure… in a place where you can add to it, publish it, and enjoy it forever.

Some of the major features of OurStory.com include:

  • A Lifelong Timeline: Once and for all, OurStory’s drag and drop, visual timeline easily records any milestone, event, moment or memory. Enter stories with photos and videos in any order and the timeline sequences them chronologically.
    Collaborative Storytelling and Interviewing: Users can share multimedia stories with family and friends, gather comments and guest photos and exchange “life-interview” questions. Members can also work together to collect a group history with photos, comments and videos.
  • Private and Secure: Connected to private circles of family and friends, users decide who can see each entry, and who can add photos and stories to their timeline.
  • Preserve Living History: At any time, free software imports a copy of the complete timeline collection to a home computer for local backup, CD archive and layout and print stories to hardcover books. Heirloom books can be created as gifts documenting special events, births, memorials, and anniversaries or as family biographies.
  • Enhanced Premium Membership, available at an introductory price of $39.95, which offers a wide range of privacy and publishing options, easy creation of multiple Friend and Family circles, and the ability to develop as many story profiles as you wish–each with its own timeline (you’ll find more information on Premium Membership once you sign in to our service).

Capture, Share and Preserve Your Family's Stories


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