• Wall Street Journal (twice!)

Wall Street JournalOn Valentine’s Day, DG was mentioned in the Wall Street Journal article, “High-Tech Breakups Are Quick But Inflict a Special Pain; Getting Even on ihateher.com” by Jeffrey Zaslow. Jeff talked about how breaking up via text messages has become more common among younger folks and asked if it was prevalent among midlife daters. Some are even posting their break up stories on MySpace and in their blogs.

He said:

This trend in public revelations “may feel cathartic, but it’s inappropriate,” says [Dating Goddess], who lectures and runs a Web site for singles older than age 40. She says ex-bashing blogs and text-messaged breakups aren’t limited to young people. Mature singles and divorced people also use the Internet to write defamatory things about their exes. “It’s a signal of how self-focused we’ve become,” [she] says.

On June 28, 2007, DG was quoted in Sue Shellenbarger’s “Dinner and a PowerPoint?”

To make working dates work, make clear plans up front, says [the Dating Goddess, 52, who writes a daily advice blog for midlife daters and] who has had some working dates. For example, “[You should] say, ‘I’ve got a deadline, I have to get this done. If you want to come over and sit with me and bring your laptop or a book, I’m good with that. But know that I can’t give you 100% of my attention until after work,’” she says. That gives your date a chance to decide, “I really don’t want to sit and watch you do this.” Talk about whether it’s OK to interrupt each other while working, she says. And agree on time limits, such as, “We’re both going to work until 9:00 and then we’re going to watch a DVD.”


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