New Book Helps Midlife Daters Demystify Online Dating

Online dating sites can be daunting for newbie midlife daters. How do you navigate the catalog of potential sweeties and connect with those likely to be a fit? How do you learn the secret code in some profile descriptions? The new book Winning at the Online Dating Game: Stack the Deck in Your Favor shares insights rarely explained from someone who’s dated nearly 100 men in 3.5 years.

New Book Helps Midlife Daters Demystify Online Dating

Winning at the Online Dating Game: Stack the Deck in Your FavorThe Dating Goddess, author of the new book Winning at the Online Dating Game: Stack the Deck in Your Favor says, “Many people reentering the dating pool in midlife think joining an online dating will be the perfect way to have an unending stream of potential sweeties filling their inbox with flirty, witty and alluring emails.”

Sure. It can happen. And it does for a few. But many of those listed on dating sites never get one date. Not one.

How can online daters mine the dating pool to yield nice, interesting, sane, and caring potential sweethearts?

Winning at the Online Dating Game helps women over 40 entering the dating scene after an absence. The Dating Goddess says, “Internet dating can be frustrating or fruitful. It will be much less exasperating if you know how to read into and weed out men’s profiles that aren’t appropriate for you

“Just like a sport, hobby or game, online dating has it’s own rules and language – although there’s rarely a guidebook or glossary. If you don’t understand how online dating works, you’ll waste a lot of time connecting with men who are not a possible fit for you.

“When you learn how to understand common online terms, how to respond to winks/flirts and IMs, and when to give your phone number — if ever – you’ll have more success. The Internet is a great way to shop for men as there is so much “inventory” online. But you have to make sure you’re not scouring the sale bins and getting what everyone else rejected.”

A savvy dater, having gone out with 91 men in 3.5 years after her 20-year marriage dissolved five years ago, the Dating Goddess has thoroughly researched her topic and chronicled her lessons, advice and stories in her blog, She started writing her insights after her friends told her she was having a much more positive experience dating than other midlife singles. “Dating is an adventure if you look at it that way. All adventures have exhilarating experiences, as well as setbacks and disappointments. But the fun part outweighs the negatives if you focus on those.”

So if you’re an over 40 single woman and haven’t found your next mate and want to try online dating, Winning at the Online Dating Game can help. “When I became single again, I wanted to meet good men in the most efficient manner possible. Online dating allowed me to attract some wonderful men into my life,” shared the Dating Goddess.

Before you get too deep in online dating, have a date with the Dating Goddess and her new book. For more information, go to

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