In Search of An Over-40 King Charming


Midlife women reentering the dating pool are often seduced by the first smooth talker that asks them out. They haven’t spent much time figuring out what they want in their next mate – beyond the de rigueur “tall, dark and handsome.” The Dating Goddess’s new book In Search of King Charming: Who Do I Want to Share My Throne? helps midlife women clearly define what qualities they want their next love to possess.


Midlife women reentering the dating pool are often seduced by the first smooth talker who asks them out. Having survived divorce, death or other focuses, midlife women are deciding it’s time to find their next (and hopefully) last love of their life. They know what they’re looking for – they think — a combination of what they loved in past sweethearts as well as an absence of what they hated. Many get stuck after, “Tall, nice, good looking, funny, honest, financially stable, puts the seat down.”

In Search of King CharmingIn the Dating Goddess’s new book, In Search of King Charming: Who Do I Want to Share My Throne? she says, “In midlife you want different attributes in a man than when you were younger. You are no longer looking for ‘Prince Charming’ because you are a queen — what would you do with a prince after the allure of a boy toy wore off? Yes, it’s nice to be worshiped, but really — you want someone who is at your level, not groveling at your feet. You want a king — someone who’s your equal and with whom you can rule the throne together! Thus your search for King Charming.

“This book focuses on helping you better define what you want beyond tall, dark and handsome. Are you concerned that you might repeat past mistakes in choosing the wrong men? Are you clear on what are deal breakers and what is negotiable? You’ll consider characteristics you might not have thought of before. You’ll look at what you want now.”

Many midlife single women think some items are deal breakers (he has a full head of hair) ignoring true deal breakers (his marriage broke up because he cheated). They overlook wonderful, caring, honest, generous, sane men because he carries extra pounds.

Some of the In Search of King Charming chapter titles include: “Building your Franken-boyfriend,” “Are you dating the same guy in different bodies?,” “What’s your kissing quotient?,” “Does your date nourish your mind?,” and “Does he fit in your world?”

A savvy dater, having gone out with 91 men in 3.5 years after her 20-year marriage dissolved five years ago, the Dating Goddess has thoroughly researched her topic and chronicled her lessons, advice and stories in her blog, She started writing her insights after her friends told her she was having a much more positive experience dating than other midlife singles. “Dating is an adventure if you look at it that way. All adventures have exhilarating experiences, as well as setbacks and disappointments. But the fun part outweighs the negatives if you focus on those.”


We are dedicated to providing uncommon information, insights and advice for midlife women reentering the dating world.

The Adventures in Delicious Dating After 40 book series consists of 13 books on critical issues faced by midlife daters.



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