Learn How to Play the Field Without Being a Player


Midlife women reentering the dating pool often get blind sighted when the man they are starting to date disappears and it takes weeks or months to begin dating someone new. The Dating Goddess’s new book Multidating Responsibly: Play the Field Without Being A Player helps dating midlife women understand how to keep their suitor pipeline full, navigating dating around with integrity.

Women Dating After 40 Learn How to Play the Field Without Being a Player

Midlife dating women are looking for their next true love. Meanwhile, they need to face the fact that this love may be found only after dating dozens of men. They need to keep their suitor pipeline full, which means juggling several men at once – and doing so responsibly and with integrity, without leading men on.
Playing the field is frowned on in some circles. There are definitely appropriate and inappropriate ways to date several men simultaneously.

MultidatingThe Dating Goddess’s new book Multidating Responsibly: Play the Field Without Being A Player covers how to date around without being a hussy. She says,” Knowing that the vast majority of dates are only one or two-hit wonders, why would you limit your options by waiting to meet someone only to find out you’re not a match, then have to start the search from scratch? Meeting several men at once allows your pipeline to be full until it’s time to settle on only one. If you do it with honesty, you can date several men at once until you’re both ready to focus only on each other.”

In Multidating Responsibly the Dating Goddess® covers issues like, “Multi-dating pros and cons,” “Your Date-A-Base™ — tracking multiple suitors,” “Are you a “Let’s Make a Deal” type of dater? “Assume there are other women,” “How long do you hedge your bet?,” “Beware of multi-tasking when multi-dating” and “Back burner beaus.”

The Dating Goddess® has amassed her knowledge after going out with 91 men in 3.5 years after her 20-year marriage dissolved five years ago, the Dating Goddess® has thoroughly researched her topic and chronicled her lessons, advice and stories in her Adventures in Delicious Dating After 40™ book series.

The Dating Goddess® started writing her insights after her friends told her she was having a much more positive experience dating than other midlife singles. “Dating is an adventure if you look at it that way. All adventures have exhilarating experiences, as well as setbacks and disappointments. But the fun part outweighs the negatives if you focus on those.”

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The Dating Goddess® is dedicated to providing uncommon information, insights and advice for midlife women reentering the dating world. DatingGoddess.com is one of the top-ranked sites for dating over 40. The Adventures in Delicious Dating After 40 book series consists of 13 books on critical issues faced by midlife daters.



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