Women Dating Over 40 Looking for Valentine’s Sweetie May Need Attitude Adjustment



New book helps midlife daters embrace the adventure of dating

Date or Wait

Many midlife singles put “find a sweetheart” on their list of New Year’s resolutions. Goal-driven and success-focused in their jobs, they expected they’d have accomplished this in time to celebrate Valentine’s with their new love.


Finding a compatible, loving sweetie takes time. Midlife singles may have kids wanting attention, parents needing care, a demanding job, keeping/getting fit – they have a full plate and it may be hard to squeeze in time to find a main squeeze.

And even putting a toe in the dating pool takes some courage and concentration. Sometimes it’s not easy to get ready to start the dating process.

The Dating Goddess;, author of the new book, Date or Wait: Are You Ready for Mr. Great? says, “Midlife singles can focus on all the reasons to not start dating: ‘I don’t have the time,’ ‘I don’t have the money for new dating clothes,’ ‘I need to lose 20 pounds and get back in shape,’ ‘I’m not quite healed from my last relationship.’ All of these excuses can prevent you from finding love.”

A savvy dater, having gone out with 91 men in 3.5 years after her 20-year marriage dissolved five years ago, the Dating Goddess has thoroughly researched her topic and chronicled her lessons, advice and stories in her blog, DatingGoddess.com. She started writing her insights after her friends told her she was having a much more positive experience dating than other midlife singles. “Dating is an adventure if you look at it that way. All adventures have exhilarating experiences, as well as setbacks and disappointments. But the fun part outweighs the negatives if you focus on those.”

So if you’re over 40, single and haven’t found your next mate in time for a romantic Valentine’s dinner, Date or Wait: Are You Ready for Mr. Great? can help. “When I became single again, I made a list of the types of men I’d like to get to know through dating. I saw it like being in Baskin-Robbins and having the opportunity to taste a lot of ‘flavors’ of men through going out, even if it was just for coffee. I met many wonderful men, some of whom I consider treasures now, and although we decided we weren’t a match romantically, we’ve stayed in touch and have become dear friends. So dating can yield a loving sweetie, but don’t discount expanding your network of caring men.”

If you don’t have a special someone with whom to light the candles on Valentine’s Day, light them for yourself and have a date with the Dating Goddess and her new book. Order from https://datinggoddess.com

About Adventures in Delicious Dating After 40: We are dedicated to providing unique information, insights and advice for midlife women reentering the dating world.

The “Adventures in Delicious Dating After 40” book series by Dating Goddess
January 2009 | $24.95 | Softcover | ISBN: 978-1-930039-26-1


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