From Fear to Frolic: Get Naked Without Getting Embarrassed

by Dating Goddess on January 15, 2021



Get naked with a new man? Oh, my!


Many midlife women say they’re interested in having a special man in their life, but they really aren’t interested in sex. They may not have had sex with anyone other than their husband. And it might have been decades since they’ve been intimate with anyone — and it’s a tad scary to think about getting naked with a new man at this stage of life. After child bearing and perhaps some extra pounds, not to mention gravity, we don’t feel we look our best unclothed. How long would a man tolerate making love in a pitch-dark room — while wearing a blindfold?

From Fear to Frolic: Get Naked Without Getting Embarrassed focuses on what you need to consider and know before getting physically intimate with a man you’re dating. This is nerve-wracking to many midlife women. This book will prepare you to know when you’re ready and let go of some of the fears and embrace intimacy again.

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Sample chapters (click here for full Table of Contents)

  • Sleepover do’s and don’ts
  • Does he want in your life — or just in your bedroom?
  • Getting naked with him the first time
  • An excuse to seduce or how important is bedroom bliss?
  • What to ask yourself before getting naked with him
  • Are you and your guy on the same sexual time line?
  • Sharing your sexual owner’s manual with him
  • What women need from a man before having sex
  • Why too-soon midlife sex is like non-fat food
  • How dating sex is like waffles
  • Too-soon seduction: “I’m special, but not THAT special”

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