Readers: need your input

I want to ask if you’ll be part of my virtual focus group. You can either write your responses in a comment or email me directly. Thanks in advance.

suggestion boxI’m working on a few ideas to expand what I do and want your suggestions and input.

  1. I am working on converting collections of postings on specific topics into eBooklets as well as recording them for MP3s. Based upon what you’ve read so far, what topics do you suggest I start with that would have the most appeal for others to buy? Anything I haven’t covered that you think would be a good product?
  2. In the future, I’ll be offering teleseminars (something I’ve done in my consulting practice for the past 8 years). I’ll interview experts on their best advice and philosophy for dating after 40. What topics and/or experts would you be interested in hearing?
  3. Advisors are encouraging me to provide other midlife dating-related products. What kinds of things could you see buying for yourself or to give to a dating or considering-dating friend? (T-shirts, mugs, cards, ???). What would you want them to say?
  4. We want to launch a PR campaign to encourage over-40 daters to commence (if they’re ready but been putting it off), or to offer encouragement for those who’ve been dating and want to find a long-term love, but haven’t yet. We’re trying to figure out the month to focus the annual campaign. We think avoiding Feb. would be wise as there’s too much hype around couples and if you’re uncoupled it can be difficult. Would Sept. (after the back-to-school focus) or early Oct. be good? Or Spring as the weather warms and you think of fun outdoor activities you’d like to share with a sweetie? All your ideas and rationale are encouraged! As well as PR ideas.
  5. The readership of this blog continues to grow. But if you know someone who is — or is considering — dating and you think would benefit from what is shared, would you forward them the URL and why you like reading it?

No idea is too silly, so please send all you can think of. If it makes it easier to refer to the issue by the number, go ahead!