A most opulent date

Let’s say you’ve been going with someone a while and he is wealthy. I mean money is no object. Think Trump, Gates, Buffet kind of dough. He says, “Darling, I’d like to take you somewhere really special — the most luxurious hotel in the world.” Would you say, “yes”? Boy howdy, I would!

burj-from-beachI had the privilege of having a private tour at Dubai’s world-famous Burj Al Arab hotel. It is the world’s only 7-star hotel and is literally fit for kings (and queens!). As I was shown around the exclusive hotel — which no one can enter without room night or restaurant reservations — I imagined being there with a sweetheart. One of us would have to be awfully rich though, as the two-story suites start at $1000/night.

So let me share my adventure with you so you can experience this amazing hotel through my eyes — imagine you’re with your sweetie.

We are picked up at the Dubai airport in the one of the many Rolls Royces the hotel uses to ferry guests. We could have taken this 20-mile ride via helicopter and landed on the helipad jutting out from the top of the hotel, then followed the red carpet to the private elevators.

The Burj Al Arab (meaning “Tower of the Arabs”) appears in the distance as we approach. It looms off shore 1053 feet high. The shape is representative of the sail on an Arab dhow (boat) which has plied the Arabian Gulf for centuries.

As we get nearer, we see the wall facing shore is white fabric. At night, lights illuminate it with an ever-changing display of solid colors, turning to the next color every 3 seconds. After passing security, we cross the curved bridge to the man-made island on which the Burj Al Arab sits.

burjalarab1We are greeted by our butler — each room has its own — and beautiful men and women offering us dates on a silver tray, cool towels to freshen up, and Arabian coffee. Before us stands a 3-story fountain of dancing water sprays illuminated by different colored lights. We look up at the 590-foot atrium — the Statue of Liberty could fit inside. There are luxurious couches nearby on which guests are resting. But we notice something is missing — a Reception Desk. Our butler escorts us directly to our room to check in.

burjalarab4We are taken to one of the two-story suites. The rooms are lavishly appointed with no detail left unattended. A desk is outfitted with everything you’d need to get a little work done — including a laptop! The living and dining rooms are spacious. The kitchen has a door to the outside so the butler can set up our room service meal or handle any party needs easily without coming through the front door. Of course, each room has a floor-to-ceiling view of the water. And the master bedroom is atop a curved staircase. The bathroom is complete with full-sized toiletries, including perfume/cologne, body lotions, etc., which guests are encouraged to take home.

burjalarab3We are left to relax viewing the several 52-inch plasma TVs, or check out the hotel as the butler will unpack our bags when they arrive in the room.

Deciding to explore, we start at the bottom and work our way up. Taking al_mahara_burj_al_araba simulated submarine ride to the bottom floor, we check out the underwater restaurant, Al Mahara, which surrounds a gigantic aquarium. The place settings and decor are exquisite. Maybe we’ll come back for dinner — but would it seem strange to have sea food when its brother is staring at you?

burjalarab6We take the elevator to the Assawan Spa & Health Club on the 18th floor. There is a beautiful lounge, and to either side two facilities — one for women only and one for mixed genders. In each are pools, work out rooms, massage areas, jacuzzis, showers, etc. They are designed based on ancient Arabian baths. The pool butts up to the floor to ceiling windows overlooking the Gulf. We’ll come back later for a work out and massage.

al-muntahaWanting to see more, we are speeded to the top of the structure — the Al Muntaha restaurant, which juts out from the top of the building 650 above the Arabian Gulf. Nepalese men use mountain climbing gear to clean the windows. These folks are employed because they have overcome their fear of heights! The view is stunning — with the man-made Palm Island to the left and beach/city views and the under construction World Islands to the right.

We take the glass elevator to the ground floor where we sit outside near the pool on the edge of the sea. The weather is perfect — around 70 degrees with a slight breeze. We can decide which of the 88 restaurants in this hotel and others nearby we will go for dinner.

Each guest has a detailed profile so when we return everything will be just right. This could include our restaurant preferences, room service choices, to how we like our clothing packed or unpacked by our butler. All is kept on file and reviewed before arrival so our next stay will be as seamless as possible.

Anyone want to take me? Of course, we’d have separate rooms, although I would be willing to share a 2-bedroom suite. 🙂

(I leave Dubai tomorrow so this ends my Arabian tales — for now. Until the next time I visit the area.)


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