Dubai dates

You are, no doubt, expecting me to tell you of a fabulously wealthy shaikh who has swept me off my feet during my visit here. I’ve only been here 2 days, but no one has been enamored with me yet.

In fact, the local authorities block access to and other dating sites. Although did come up in a Google search. Not that I’m interested in joining, but just for research purposes, of course. They have a total of 1440 male members and 335 female members. I don’t think this is promising, although I do like the ratio.

However, there were two intriguing gentlemen from Qatar in my seminar today, both dressed in local attire. They cut handsome figures in their crisp white cotton Dishdashahs (long-sleeved tunic). One wore a “Gutrah” (a white head cover) and the other a “Shumag” (a heavy red and white checked head cover), which was elaborately arranged on his head. They were charming, intelligent, and funny. It made me fantasize a bit about running away with Lawrence of Arabia.

I did have two Arabian dates though — the edible kind. One light and one dark. They were sweet and succulent and I could see why the date palm is such a revered tree in this area. Did you know if you run over a date palm in your car, there is a $1000 fine?


Meanwhile, since there isn’t much dating going on for me here in Dubai (yet!), I hope you’ll enjoy these pictures I took last evening from my cruise down Dubai Creek at sunset. Imagine the sky turning a soft pink as the sun dipped into the Gulf and the full moon rose. The mosques are broadcasting the call to prayer from their 100-foot-high towers. The lights along the creek are twinkling on as the sky dims. Gosh, if I only had one of those Arabian shaikhs to cuddle up with!


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