Giving, receiving and self-esteem

Randy GageMy friend Randy Gage has a new book, Why You’re DUMB, SICK, and BROKE … and How to Get SMART, HEALTHY, and RICH! While it is an interesting, well-written, thought-provoking text on how to live a more prosperous life, this passage on love stood out for me.

Love is an expression of your self-esteem, and an expression of your deepest values. You fall in love with someone who shares these values. And if you truly do love someone, it means they bring happiness to your life….

In a healthy relationship, you choose the person you love, and you fall in love with them because they bring happiness to your life. This is the highest compliment and honor you can ever pay another human being….

Does he mean it is an honor to love someone or to be loved? I think both. I think you honor someone by loving him/her. And you honor another by accepting his/her love.

When dating, it takes time to get to “love.” But you can honor your date by your attention, focus, kindness, sensitivity, and thoughtfulness. And you can honor him by accepting the same from him. As Randy says, this is an expression of your self-esteem — to both give and receive maturely, graciously, and respectfully.

Of course, this is not a guarantee of long-term happiness with him. But if you can both give and receive generously, your self-esteem will be high, which will guarantee long-term happiness with you.

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