Have you let the camel’s nose under your tent?

Since I’m in Dubai, I thought I’d take an Arabian tale and apply it to dating.

A Bedouin tied his camel outside his tent and retired for the night. It is unusually cold, so the camel sticks his nose under the tent and asks, “Master, may I keep my nose warm?” The master thinks, what’s the harm? “Sure. You may put your nose in my tent.”

A while later it became colder. The camel nudges his head under the tent, and says “Master, it is so cold out here. May I keep my head warm?” The kind master sees no problem and doesn’t want to deny his camel a little warmth. And besides, it may keep the Bedouin warmer as well. “Yes, you may.”

The night got colder and the camel’s front legs inched into the tent. The Bedouin was now sound asleep but was slightly awakened as the tent was small and now half the camel was inside. He scooted over to the edge of the tent but didn’t say anything.

In the morning the Bedouin awakens shivering. He was outside the tent as the camel had gradually pushed him out to make room for its whole body, which was resting warmly inside.

Has a man you’ve gone out with stuck his nose under the tent? This usually starts with something somewhat innocuous. Maybe his hand is on your knee too soon, he passionately kisses you before you’re really ready, or his hand roams to parts that are more intimate than you find appropriate. Yet he’s been so gentlemanly, so thoughtful, so attentive up to that point, you think, “What’s the big deal?” And a little while later it escalates. Before you know it you are doing things you’re not ready for, but each has progressed a little at a time.

The key — which I know you already know — is to stop it at the beginning. To not think, like the Bedouin, “No big deal.” Because you never know when you’ll be sharing a tent with a camel wondering “How did that happen?”

Here are more pics from Dubai. (Sorry they are a little fuzzy — they were taken from a moving boat at night.)


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