How do you greet him?

When I first started dating, I asked my dating friends, “How do you greet someone upon first meeting?” Shaking hands seems so businesslike. Doing nothing seems cold and aloof. I’ve settled on a quick hug. Since I’ve often been flirting with potential suitors by phone and email for at least a few days if not a week or more, I feel they aren’t strangers. Heck, if I’m at a church service, I hug people I’ve had much less contact with!

Hugging also shows you’re affectionate and not afraid of contact. Just don’t linger too long, or it might send a message you don’t want to send!

If I feel particularly fond of the person from our emails and calls, I’ll kiss him on the check. I’ve not had anyone abuse this greeting, so it’s working.

And at the end of the encounter, unless it was unpleasant, I always give him a quick hug too. Longer if we really hit it off, and often a kiss on the cheek. But don’t be too affectionate if you don’t want to see him again. I’ve found even a hug for a pleasant encounter can cause the guy to think you’re more interested than you are.