“If you’ve got it, flaunt it!”

This was a favorite saying from my mother. Ironically, she was one of the most prudish women I’ve ever known, so she wasn’t talking about flaunting your physical attributes. However, we are going explore when to do that.

You, no doubt, know what of your physical characteristics men find most appealing. You have to decide when to flaunt what you have.

For example, one would think that if you have great legs or nice cleavage, you should accentuate those on the first date. However, it depends on what youmicro-mini skirt are looking for in a man. If you want someone who salivates at the site of you, then perhaps a micro-mini skirt or a low-cut blouse would be just the ticket. However, if you don’t want to have to fight him off all night, or are looking for a man who wants to know you beyond your physical attributes, then perhaps toning it down on the first date is in order.

You can still show your assets, just not all of your assets. Exotic dancers know it is much more alluring to not show everything when they come on stage. They reveal their attributes slowly, to keep the audience interested.

So if you have great legs, by all means don’t cover them in a long skirt or pants. Wear an above-knee length skirt, but not one that shows too much leg. If you have great cleavage, a hint will do the trick, not a plunge-to-your navel blouse that has become so popular now. Subtlety is much more enticing.

If you have great hair, make sure it is clean and coiffed, and don’t hide it in a bun. If you have beautiful eyes, wear make up that pulls attention to them. If you have nice hands, ensure your nails are clean and buffed or polished. Great waist? Don’t hide it under a bulky sweater, but accentuate it with a smart belt.

And speaking of smart, when do you flaunt your intellect? Don’t try to show how smart you are by arguing with him, but keep up your side of the conversation. Share your knowledge in context of the topic. Ask probing, but not interrogatory, questions. In “Do you hide your ‘light’ from a date?” I discuss not hiding your intellectual strengths from your guy.

Share some examples of how you flaunt your assets without going overboard.

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