Check Him Out Before Going Out: Avoiding Dud Dates

Check HIm Out

Save yourself from dead-end dates

Under the cloak of the anonymity that email and the phone provides, men often reveal more than they intend. If you ask the right questions you can find out a lot about his values and view of the world after just an interaction or two.

Check Him Out Before Going Out: Avoiding Dud Dates focuses on what you need to ask before agreeing to even a coffee date. You need to vet the men who email and call you to ensure you’re not likely to waste your time with men who clearly aren’t a match. By the end of your “date” with this book, you’ll better understand what to look for and what to avoid.

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Sample chapters (click here for full Table of Contents)

  • Becoming smitten with the fantasy
  • Can Google help — or hinder — your dating life?
  • Qualify your potential dates before meeting
  • The art of consideration
  • Anticipating a big date is like awaiting Santa
  • Being seduced by what he is over who he is
  • Are you his spare?
  • My boyfriend, whom I haven’t met
  • When canceling is the right thing to do
  • Politics, religion and sex — oh my!

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One response to “Check Him Out Before Going Out: Avoiding Dud Dates”

  1. Devo Avatar

    I had to laugh at the title of the booklet “Multidating responsibly- Play the Field Without Being a Player.” Really?? I have done it, had it done to me. It’s not right. You should be able to go out on a date ready to start something if it’s there, that means no-one else on the scene so you don’t have to break someone’s heart who maybe is interested in you and has hopes. Similarly, what if you go out and fall in love with some wondeful woman? Do you want her dating some guy the next night she’s already been talking to? Maybe I need that book!

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