First-Rate First Dates: Increasing the Chances of a Second Date

In Search of King Charming

You can tell a lot about a man within the first 30 minutes.

What does he talk about? Does he ask you questions? If so, what does he want to know about you? What do you need to know about him? How does he treat you? How does he treat those around you?

Learn why you should never accept a dinner invitation for the first date. Or allow him to pick you up. Or fight with him over the check. And dozens of more do’s and don’ts.

First-Rate First Dates: Increasing the Chances of a Second Date focuses on what goes on during the first date. How do you determine if you want a second date? What you can do to increase the likelihood your date will ask you for a second? Assuming you want a repeat!

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Sample chapters (Click here for full Table of Contents)

  • Start with coffee
  • How do you greet him?
  • When it clicks, throw out some of your criteria
  • Tracking your date’s score
  • Clues a guy is just looking for a booty call
  • 12 signs he won’t be asking for a second date
  • First-date red flags that this guy isn’t for you
  • Honesty is not always the best policy
  • Chemistry, or does he make my toes curl?
  • Women’s first-date blunders

Order the soft-cover book

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