• Other blogs/sites of interest

* Brad Montgomery, motivational humorist

* Chris Clarke-Epstein, change expert & speaker

* Dating is Warfare

* Donna Cutting, employee morale expert

* Doug Stevenson, storytelling in business expert

* Good Clean Love

* Ian Griffin, speech writer

* I Date White, a black man’s experiences dating white women

* Josiane Feigon, telesales training

* Kim Snider, Kim Snider Financial Communications

* LifeTwo, Midlife improvement

* Lissa Coffey, lifestyle designer

* Man-o-Pause: Providing Midlife Men a Place to Breathe

* Mariah Burton Nelson, Bodies In Motion

* Marilynn Mobley, Baby Boomer Insights

* Marilynn Mobley, expert on remaining relevant

* Mike Robbins, appreciation expert

* Nancy Folsom, software programming

* Patti Wood, Body Language Expert

* Paulette Ensign, booklet tips

* Rebecca Morgan, workforce effectiveness expert

* Rhea Butler, The Boomer Chronicles

* Rita Makana Risser Chai, Hawaiian insights

* Roger Carr, new ways of giving

* Sam Horn, POP of mind expert

* Shep Hyken, customer service speaker

* SpicyGear, sensual toys

* Steve Mertz, search engine optimization expert

* Shep Hyken, customer service speaker

* Sue Dyer, strategic business trends

* The Adventures of Loving Annie

* Tim Richardson, Living Rich

* WonderfulOnlineWomen

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    Neal, Marcus E.

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