Review of “Flings, Frolics And Forever Afters”

Flings, Frolics And Forever AftersFlings, Frolics And Forever Afters: A Single Woman’s Guide to Romance After Fifty by Katherine Chaddock and Emilie Chaddock Egan

These sisters/coauthors have written an easy-to-read work designed to help over-50 women get their attitude in order to enter the dating field successfully. While there isn’t a lot new in the book, it is one of the few that says that flings are okay if that’s what you want.I also like that these women are not approaching this subject without a grounding in reality as so many psychologists and other dating advisers do. One of the sisters is divorced, the other a widow. They dated after they each became single again, so have some personal stories to integrate, as well as those from others.

Their 8-step process for finding and keeping a long-term relationship is straightforward, but a few seem a bit farfetched. For example, Step 2: New People, New Places suggests that you move if you’re not finding eligible men in your area. While I could understand this if you live in a rural town of 1000, if you are close to a metropolitan area must you turn your life upside down to move to a more male-populated area? If you want a change, then yes, this makes sense. But if you are happy with where you live and there are thousands of men around, maybe you need to shift other things before moving.

This book would be a good primer for those who have done little reading on getting yourself back into the dating world. It covers many of the basics and doesn’t get bogged down in tedious writing.

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