Snowed in

This weekend I’m at a 3-day meeting with my all-women mastermind group. Yesterday the airport closed so we are snowed in.

Luckily, we all really like each other or the prospect of being cooped up with four other women might seem unpleasant. But after being with these women for a little more than a day, I was reminded of how important women are in my life — especially with the ups and downs of dating.

Women friends are who most of us complain to about unpleasant experiences with and consternation about men. Women know to say, “He didn’t!” or “How could he?” or “What was he thinking?” Gals know to say, “How did that make you feel?” or “You have every right to be upset,” or “Are you okay?” Not that men friends can’t or don’t ask these questions, but women seem to ask these more easily. It’s usually exactly what we need at the time.

But I realize not all women are on the same wavelength as you at a time of your wanting a supportive ear. I find myself gravitating toward women who don’t just say, “What a loser” to my sharing a story of a date gone sour. I prefer friends who say, “What did you learn?” or “What would you do differently next time?” rather than judging and labeling my potential suitors.

What do you want from your gal pals when you dating experiences? If you hang around with women who start man bashing, it won’t help you in your quest. Carefully choose your confidants. I’m very glad I’ve chosen these 4 women to be part of my circle of friends to share my dating adventures — among other issues — I’m dealing with.