Talk is cheap

While I believe that words are very important, actions are equally important. So if a guy tells you how much he’s are attracted to you or wants to be with you, but doesn’t take actions to see you, he is just stringing you along. If he gives you excuse after excuse, just let him go. He’ll tie up your heart and energy, when he isn’t really serious about seeing you.

I once dated a man for six months who lived an hour’s drive away. He called me every day at least once. He’d promise to come see me the next day, yet something would frequently “come up.” He would actually fulfill his promise only every 2 to 3 weeks. I put up with it for a while, however I let him know I was disappointed. I finally got tired of having a no-boyfriend boyfriend, so finally I told him I wanted a break. I wasn’t willing to put up with his daily lack of integrity.

So, if he says that he’s a gentleman and he cares about you, yet treats you disrespectfully, his actions and words don’t match. You deserve someone who has the integrity to act congruently with his words.

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