Truth is stranger than fiction

I have had a few strange encounters during my dating adventure. None of them I could have imagined.

Today I was contacted by a priest! His picture showed him in black priest attire (what is that called? Vestments? Cassock?) and white collar! I assume he is Episcopalian, but who knows?

It reminded me of some other unusual encounters. One guy brought a chaperone. In all fairness, the date was set on the only evening both of us had free that week. He called that day to say a friend had unexpectedly come in from out of town and would only be in town for the evening. Would I mind if his pal came along? I said, “That is fine, but what if I like him better than you?” He chuckled. It was an odd evening, and no, I didn’t go out with either of them again.

I had a date with a sexy, deep-voiced, cute guy who wrote alluring emails. His profile said he was “slightly kinky” and when we talked he said he’d explain in person. I’ve learned that one person’s kinky is another’s normal, so I decided not worry too much about it until he explained. After sharing his background, including being an ex-Marine, he explained he was a cross dresser on occasion. Believe it or not, he was so charming that I didn’t leave immediately. Instead, at his request, I shared how to put on pantyhose without running them, where to buy large-size strappy sandals, and the agony of eyebrow waxing!