Boomerang boyfriends

Last night I got a call from a guy I had one date with four months ago. He wanted to see if I was available. I’ve had guys break up with me and a week later want to get back together. I call these Boomerang Boyfriends. You stop seeing each other for whatever reason. Perhaps you both date other people, and then they contact you again. After dating others they think you two had a good thing. Or they don’t date and get lonely, so they get back in touch.

With only one exception, it is too late to try to reignite interest. I’ve moved on, started seeing other people. The one exception was with a guy who kept in touch while I was seeing someone else, and when that relationship ended, he was right there.

Do Boomerang Boyfriends work out? Who’s to say? If you were sad that the relationship ended, maybe give it another chance. But if you’re clear there is a fatal flaw that would prevent you from wanting to be with that person long term, see if you can move to being friends. Some don’t want that, but some do. Just be clear what you want and don’t take back someone who isn’t a good fit just because you are lonely. It won’t work.




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