Boyfriend application to go with job description

After my entry yesterday, my friend Steve Mertz pointed me to twenty-something Sasha’s blog entry “5 Easy Steps to Snag A Date With Me.” Funny stuff, including a Boyfriend Application. Now why didn’t I think of that? And her job description has some items I forgot, and will now be adding.


What would you put in your “Perfect Boyfriend” job description? Share in a comment.

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2 responses to “Boyfriend application to go with job description”

  1. theparody Avatar

    Good to know that you enjoyed my *wacky idea* I certainly had fun writing those posts!

  2. bookyone Avatar

    What a great idea, a Perfect Boyfriend Application. Here is mine:

    Must be highly intelligent and well educated
    Must hold a good steady professional job
    Must be caring and sensitive
    Must have a great sense of humor
    Must be devoted to me
    Must be relationship & commitment oriented
    Must be 100 percent trustworthy

    Looks don’t matter to me, it’s how well a man treats me that scores big points. Oh and brains are definitely a HUGE turn on. There’s something about a smart guy that’s very very sexy… 🙂