Build a relationship bridge one strand at a time

bridgeWhen beginning to date someone you like, your shared experiences connect you together. You’re building a relationship bridge.

Each experience creates small strands of the bridge’s supporting cables. The laughs, smiles, gentle touches, kisses, phone calls, emails, and kindnesses are spun into stronger cord. As time goes on, the cord is twisted into rope, then cable. The more threads of positive experience, the stronger the eventual cable which helps keep the relationship bridge suspended.

However, when there are copper cabledisappointments, harsh words, or forgotten promises, the threads become frayed. The strain begins to unravel those caringly created cords. They can be repaired, but only with consciousness and thoughtfulness. If left in disrepair, other strands will break and the bridge will be lost.

I ponder why a guy would ignore me for a month (or several) then call and expect to pick up where we left off. I wonder if he has any idea how my connection to him hangs by a thread — or perhaps has been severed entirely. Or how tenuous the strand is with the guy who calls regularly but makes little effort to see me. Yes, he’s adding strings by calling, but not nearly as quickly or strongly as when we see each other.

What are relationship-building threads for you? What are the little things that add to the bridge or break it down?

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