Can you help a goddess out?

Dearest Readers:

I need your assistance.

In the next 30 days I plan on launching the first of my 13(!) books on advice for midlife dating women based on my blog postings. But I need a little help from my friends and readers. Here’s what I need:

  • A larger readership. If you have friends who are single and looking, please send them a note with this URL and tell them why you like these writings and why you thought s/he might, too. If you frequent any other midlife or dating blogs or forums, a recommendation posted there would be great.
  • Suggestions for products that would help you in your quest to meet the right person. We have some in development, which I’ll tell you about when they are ready. What tools would help you let others know you are available? And I’m not talking about a “Date me” tattoo on your forehead!
  • Participants for a virtual advisory group. I need to bounce off ideas about book titles, images, products, marketing ideas and who better than you for on-target feedback! I envision much of the bouncing done by email, but we may hold a conference call once in a while to hear your ideas live.
  • Testimonials to go in the books. Do you have a favorite posting? Has this site been particularly helpful to you? If so, can you write a testimonial we can use to promote the books?
  • Beta testers and readers. I need people who will read the manuscripts and give me constructive feedback. And I need people who will actually use the prototypes for new products and give us feedback for improvements and/or testimonials on how they worked for them.
  • Ideas and contacts for corporate sponsors. Who do you think might be interested in sponsoring this site, the books, or other products? Or have coupons in the books? If you have connections — including phone numbers — please connect us with an email introduction to them.
  • Media contacts. Once the first book is back from the printer, we’ll do a media blitz. If you know a radio, TV, newspaper or magazine contact who would be open to a DG interview, let us know. Contact info is helpful, as is an email introduction.

If you can help with any of the above, please email me and tell me which items you can help with.




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One response to “Can you help a goddess out?”

  1. Kathleen Brashler Avatar
    Kathleen Brashler

    I would love to help you in the areas of a larger readership group, a virtual advisory group and Testimonials. I’m a 48 year old single who follows you regularly.

    I hope I can help!