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  • My next boyfriend will be a bellman!

    Arriving home tonight from an 11-day international trip, I lifted my heavy bags into my trunk at the airport. It occurred to me that I’d schlepped these bags more than I cared to when help was not on the horizon. It made me appreciate the cheerful van drivers, bellmen and skycaps who did offer to […]

  • Notes from SE Asia

    When I’m traveling abroad, I don’t always have commentary on dating, but I want to share with you part of my journeys. Thus this posting today.

  • Doing what’s right, not what’s easy

    At dinner with 3 other midlife dating women, one asked for input on a situation. She’d gone out with a man three times. While she said she enjoyed his company, she didn’t feel any romantic attraction. He’d asked her to call him when she returned from a recent trip, which she had that day. She […]

  • Singapore slinging

    The Singapore Sling is a drink originated at the Raffles Hotel. Now if you want one there in a reproduction of the original bar, it will set you back $13US ($21 Singapore). It is a fruity, sweet drink that some find cloying. Singapore works I am continually amazed at how well things in Singapore work. […]

  • Reflections on India

    India is so varied it is hard to make a general declaration about “India is ….” Parts were strikingly beautiful, sadly filthy, touching, wrenching, perfumed, stinky, funny, poignant, etc. Most countries have some variety, but India has extreme contrasts. And the volume of people makes the ends of the continuum pronounced. Here are a few […]

  • Getting beautiful in Udaipur

    (The pics here are of the City Palace in Udaipur and the Floating Palace. The latter is on an island in the middle of Pichola Lake. Udaipur has about 500,000 residents.) I entered the Kanika Herbal Beauty Parlour in Udaipur, India not knowing what to expect. It was a 6×10 room with a large mirror […]

  • The Taj Mahal

    The Taj Mahal is on the cover of a book about places you must visit before you die. And here I am in Agra, the city of the Taj. Our group is to visit it at 10:00, but several gals went the previous day at sunrise and said it was magnificent at that time of […]

  • India observations

    Some random observations and stories about my trip. Tuk-tuk’s eye view We get around town in the 3-wheeled, motorcycle-engined “tuk-tuk” (pronounced “took-took”) — we surmise the name came from the ever-present horn tooting. The drivers get perilously close to trucks, cars, motorcycles, bicycles, pedestrians, buildings, and cows, but so far we’ve not seen any in […]

  • Being a rock star in India

    We have noticed sometimes school children wave to us as our bus passes. We feel like celebrities no one has heard of, even though we’re not in a rock star-size bus. But today it got even better. After a stop for a monument viewing, a dozen of our group clustered outside the gates on a […]

  • The Land of Contrasts

    India has been described by friends who’ve traveled here before as a land of contrasts. They were not exaggerating. I’ve traveled to third-world countries before and seen cardboard shanties next to good hotels. However, it is the sheer volume of one over the other here that makes it so startling. Some examples: On the 4-lane […]