Being a rock star in India

fortWe have noticed sometimes school children wave to us as our bus passes. We feel like celebrities no one has heard of, even though we’re not in a rock star-size bus.

But today it got even better.

After a stop for a monument viewing, a dozen of our group clustered outside the gates on a bench and wall ledge waiting for a few stragglers. A gaggle of 30 Indian school children soon paraded by us exiting the monument with their teachers. They pointed at us smiling and talking excitedly as they passed. Then the throng stopped. We smiled at their happy faces and exuberant attitudes.

One said “Hello.” We smiled and said “Hello” back. One bold boy asked if they could take our picture. Our group of 25- to 65-year olds now felt like movie stars, so how could we refuse? Of course!

Then they asked if they could join us for a picture. We agreed and beckoned them over. They jockeyed for position next to the rock star of their choice, wedging themselves into the small gaps between us. A lovely 10-year-old girl sat on my lap. We all smiled for the camera.

Our bus and stragglers soon arrived and we said goodbye to our new-found fans. They said “Thank you very much.” We said “Namaste” back.

We are probably the most gracious non-famous celebrities they’ll ever meet. And they made our mostly middle-aged group of women feel like queens.

(I know I promised you all a report of the Taj, but I have not had time to write it up. I will soon, even though it will be out of sequence.)

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2 responses to “Being a rock star in India”

  1. justme.jen Avatar

    That’s pretty cool! What a nice welcome and good ambassadorship on both sides. 🙂
    Can’t wait to see the Taj report!

  2. hemen oku Avatar
    hemen oku

    Waiting for more 🙂