Notes from SE Asia

View from the Empire Hotel atrium overlooking the S. China Sea
When I’m traveling abroad, I don’t always have commentary on dating, but I want to share with you part of my journeys. Thus this posting today.

I had a fabulous week in Brunei, as I mentioned in the last posting. That was written at the beginning of the week before I’d met my group. My group of senior managers was fantastic. We had such a great time in our week-long seminar. They want me back! Yes, I think I could return to this beautiful place and stay in a 6-star hotel, with or without a sweetie to accompany me!

My birthday was last Wed. and the group threw me a mini-party during our tea break. They’d ordered a cake with my name on it, had presents and sang a heavily accented version of Happy Birthday. My client took me out to dinner and then to her house. I always enjoy seeing how people live in other cultures.


The service at the Empire Hotel was fantastic. After two days, my building’s manager (each building has their own manager) asked if I wanted a better view. While my room overlooked the South China Sea, there was a stand of trees blocking a lot of the view. I wasn’t unhappy, but I am a sucker for a good view. She showed me another room on the next-to-top level that overlooked the beach and I could hear the breakers. That sealed it. They moved me there the next day so I could fall asleep to the waves breaking.

From there I went by air to Singapore, then by ferry to Indonesia to present a full-day seminar. The group’s English was not what I was used to in Brunei, so I spoke v-e-r-y s-l-o-w-l-y. Those who understood seemed to appreciate the information. They were warm and welcoming.

After two days in the business hotel in the center of the industrial part of town, with my room overlooking the noisy dining courtyard, I knew I didn’t want to spend my two days off in this sterile environment with a bathtub and sink that didn’t drain well, and the room smelled so it wasn’t relaxing. So my client called a friend who runs a beach resort and got me a great deal there.

view from my cottage
View from my cottage

My room here isn’t up to the Empire Hotel, but it is fabulous is a rustic way. I have my own cottage on the hill, right above their man-made lagoon, overlooking the bay. I have one very large room with 4 twin beds, two bathrooms, a kitchette, a large balcony with chairs, and windows all around. I’ve cranked them all open full to get the sea breeze.

Last night the wind whipped up fiercely about 2 a.m. I shut many of the windows then the rain started pouring down. It was so fierce, it came in the windows which are under the 8-foot overhang! Lightning lit up the sky. But it subsided by sunrise.

Singapore is in the distance, and gigantic freighters ply the freeway of the Straits. I’m amazed at how fast these behemoths move. Smaller motor boats crisscross the channel to other nearby islands and Singapore.

The weather is perfect. It has been mostly overcast which helps it stay cooler. The breeze is the perfect temperature.

Last night I had a massage in my room so I could go to sleep afterwards. The 90-minute in-room massage cost $30US. This morning I had a “cream bath” which is not what it sounds like. It is a hair/scalp treatment, accompanied by a scalp, shoulder and arm massage.

Tomorrow I take the ferry back to Singapore.

Enjoy the pictures from my journey.






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    Very nice. You are so blessed to have these travel experiences.