Dating angels

What is a dating angel? No, not the person you are dating — although some of them can be angelic. A dating angel is a stranger who helps you feel good about yourself. Someone who gives you an emotional lift, who flirts with you, or makes you feel attractive.

For example, I was sitting at a stop light one warm summer day leaving a lunch date. My windows were down, I was playing Marvin Gaye. I was “dated up” — make up, hair, etc., so felt I looked good. A man pulled up to my right. His window was down, so he noticed I was singing with Marvin.

“Hi,” he said. I turned and smiled, “Hi.” “Have you had lunch?” he asked. “Yes, I just came from lunch.” “Darn. If you hadn’t, I’d ask you to have lunch with me.” “Sorry,” I responded, and smiled as the light turned green and we went our separate ways.

He was a dating angel. The lunch date had gone fine, but the guy wasn’t a match. Neither was the guy in the car, but he bolstered my ego.

Another dating angel was the older woman in Macy’s who approached me while I was shopping since I was 15 minutes early to meet my date at the mall entrance. “I just have to tell you how great you look.” she offered. Since strangers — especially women — don’t approach me and say things like this, I asked her to repeat it, thinking I’d heard wrong. Nope. She repeated the same sentence. I smiled and thanked her. So it was with an extra spring in my step that I greeted my date.

Dating angels can be waitstaff in restaurants, people you pass on the street who smile at you, or people who outright flirt with you just to flirt. The older gentleman who saw me smiling in my straw hat and commented as I approached “You look marvelous in that hat.” Made my day!

So be on the lookout for your dating angels. They’re out there if you just open your eyes and ears.




One response to “Dating angels”

  1. Marilynn Avatar

    This is a great analogy, Goddess. It is fun to encounter an “angel,” especially when you least expect it. One comment you’ve made is of particular interest to me, though. You said women don’t usually approach others to offer random kind comments. I’ve never really thought about that until now. You see, I frequently compliment total strangers with no regard for whether they’re male or female. If I think someone looks especially attractive, or if I like their briefcase, or even if I just think they have pretty hair, I’ll say something. This often mortifies my teenage children. I remember reading in an Andy Rooney book one time that he and Diane Sawyer were doing a publicity tour together once and after dozens of people had approached her saying virtually the same thing, that they loved her and thought she was beautiful, Andy asked, “Don’t you ever get tired of that?” Diane replied, “Actually, I have quite a high tolerance for that sort of thing.” That’s as it should be. So here’s hoping you not only encounter angels on a regular basis, but that you will make an effort to BE one for others.