DG interview on dating after 40

Recently I was interviewed by Ronnie Ann Ryan, dating coach and author of MANifesting Mr. Right, who specializes in helping woman 40 and over find love, for her interview series “Decoding Dating.” Ronnie and I share many of the same attitudes about dating and methods for meeting prospects. We had a very fun conversation. She wanted to know my take on:

  • How I meet so many interesting men
  • How I gathered my dating savvy
  • What most men find attractive today
  • Why Brad Pitt could be ruining your love life
  • How to send out “ready vibes”
  • How I came by the “Dating Goddess” mantle
  • Why some men are like a dented Tiffany’s box

If you want to hear the straight story via audio, click here to listen to interview.

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One response to “DG interview on dating after 40”

  1. Dating Help 101 Avatar

    Good interview! Who every thought Brad Pitt could be ruining so many lives LOL. But really, good advise on attracting men with your “ready vibes”. Thanks for the post!