Don’t give your phone number too soon

In talking to a potential suitor yesterday, I learned that a woman should not give a man her phone number too quickly. When I asked why, he said, “It makes her seem too cavalier about it. I think she must give it to everyone this quickly, so I don’t feel special. I’d rather wait until we’ve exchanged a few emails to see if we click.”

He also shared that he hates it when a woman seems demanding when she gives her number and says “Call me.” rather than inviting him to call with a more pleasant “I’d welcome a call.” or “Please call if you’d like to chat.” I typically use the latter, and only give my number after a few email exchanges.

So even though you think it shows you’re interested by giving your number, wait a bit. He may ask for it, or give you his first. However, even if he does either, it does not necessarily show he’s interested. One guy seemed interested and after a few email exchanges, gave me his number. I called him and didn’t hear back. I waited a few weeks, sent him an email asking if he still wanted to connect. He said he did. I called him again. Nothing.