Category: Winning at the online dating game

  • He wants to get sexual — online!

    A DG reader writes: This has happened a few times so am wondering if it is just me, or is common with midlife guys — or just midlife guys on online dating sites. We begin a fun banter via email or IM. I don’t get dirty with them, just playful. Some time passes — anywhere […]

  • Too-intimate first contact

    DG reader Toni asks: What is your sense about men who react to your online profile with a gushing email about how you are probably ‘the one’ for them, etc. and also who make several references to making love, the afterglow, etc. I feel uncomfortable when if a man seems to idealize me without ever […]

  • Clothes make the man

    Nearly eighteen months ago a man sent me an email on a dating site where I wasn’t a member. Although he was in the right geographic, age and height range, his pictures showed an unsmiling, sunglasses-wearing, goatee-sporting man in a sports-team T-shirt holding up a newspaper with an unreadable headline. Huh? This is the best […]

  • Getting to know a man through Google

    A new man contacted me who held some allure so I promptly did a Google search, armed only with his profile’s unusual alias and his city. A wealth of information was divulged. I read the posting he’d made in public forums so could see his comments were thoughtful, articulate, and had correct spelling and punctuation. […]

  • My boyfriend, whom I haven’t met

    A man has been wooing me the last 6 weeks, first via email while I was abroad, then during daily phone calls, emails and/or text messages. We haven’t met, however, because 3 days after I returned home, he was called to his dying mother’s side 2000 miles away. While the doctors told him she only […]

  • “I’m not just some girl you met on the Internet”

    [googmonify]8790107066:right:120:600[/googmonify]A few weeks ago on “Private Practice” two colleagues decided to take their sexual chemistry to the “friends with benefits” level. However, when in the bedroom ready to commence, she couldn’t go through with it, claiming that sex together would cheapen their relationship. She exclaims, “I’m not just some girl you met on the Internet.” […]

  • “I’m a nerd!”

    [googmonify]8604416547:left:120:240[/googmonify] So said the professor with a Ph.D. and several masters degrees. My Google search revealed a page (not written by him) that called him “a famed professor” in his area of study. Other sites also lauded him. So I thought perhaps he was being modest when saying he was a nerd as he pursued […]

  • Yuck!

    I feel soiled, sullied, icky. Bad. Horrible. I unknowingly betrayed a good, long-time friend. “How?” you ask. Here’s the story. A few months ago a man emailed me from a dating site new to me. We struck up a nice IM conversation. He hadn’t posted a pic, so I asked for one and he promptly […]

  • The power of spelling

    NYSharon brought it up in a comment the other day. I and others have mentioned it before. During a TV interview about online dating a 50-something single woman said it was a pet peeve. Spelling. Or more accurately, misspellings. (Spell check told me that “misspellings” was wrong, but says it’s okay.) On one hand, […]

  • Are you sending off “ready” vibes?

    Talking to a single friend about her dating life, she said, “I’m really not ready, but I do have a profile posted.” “Why do you have a profile posted if you’re not interested in actually dating right now?” “It puts me in the mood of getting ready.” “That’s wise. It opens you up to the […]

  • Scantily clothed pictures

    A gal pal new to online dating asked me: “What does it mean when a man offers to send you scantily clad pictures, and you haven’t even talked to him on the phone yet, let alone met?” “Sex.” “Say more.” “When people want to exchange nearly nude — or even nude — pictures, I’ve found […]