He sends you naughty pics — before you’ve met!

Salacious. Risqué. Erotic. Nekked.

You didn’t request them. He didn’t ask if you wanted them. He just sent them. Of him — or various parts of him.

When men have done this it makes me scratch my head. If I were only looking for a roll in the hay, then perhaps seeing the “goods” ahead of time might hasten the arrangements for a meeting. But since I want the whole package, these pics are off-putting. It does, however, give me a very clear picture of what he wants — even when the picture of the goods is a bit blurry.

A friend told me he communicated for a few weeks with an out-of-state woman he’d met on a mainstream dating site. She told him she wanted to show him something. She turned on her web cam and did a strip tease for him. He said at first it was titillating, but then he felt voyeuristic. He felt strange and declined her offer to do another for him. She even sent him a web cam so he could do the same for her!

She requested he send a pic of a specific body part. Wanting to appease her, he whipped out his digital camera and tried to find the right angle, lighting and background. He snapped away but nothing worked. After a while, he felt dumb trying to capture a part of him he’s not used to seeing in the view finder in order to send it to a stranger. He abandoned his effort, much to her dismay.

Men have asked me for erotic pictures before our first meeting. They typically ask if I have “other” pictures in addition to those on the dating site. This tells me it’s not worth even having a meeting as they are singularly focused.

A man said he was going to send me some pictures and hoped I wouldn’t be offended. I said, “If you think I might be offended, don’t send them. If you wouldn’t show them to me on a first date, don’t show me now, as we haven’t even had a first date.” He got it.

So if a man sends or asks for naked pics, just turn this negative into a positive by ending contact.

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11 responses to “He sends you naughty pics — before you’ve met!”

  1. Mike Avatar

    I had a woman do this to me once. It was our first phone conversation and sen sent me all these pictures of herself naked and some with toys. The phone conversation ended soon afterwards.

  2. Meari Avatar

    I am so with you! I’ve had men ask if I had “other” pics also. No thanks, and good bye!

  3. rkintn Avatar

    DOH! I’m still fairly new at the whole internet dating game and I’ve had a guy ask if I had any other pics than the one I had up for my profile LOL I guess he was disappointed when I sent him one of me and my mom at Thanksgiving! It never even crossed my mind that he was looking for nekkid pics LMAO It makes sense, now, why he quit communicating HAHA!

  4. Jack Avatar

    I’m no prude but that stuff is just weird. Now I feel like I need a hot shower (No, I won’t be sending photos).

  5. elena Avatar

    Add me to the list of people who didn’t know what the true meaning of “other pictures” was. LOL.

  6. luckyatcards Avatar

    Well, I am not into this kind of thing either, but apparently some men and women are, so more power to them. Hope they find each other.

  7. Catherine Avatar

    Wow, I never understood the code either! Don’t they have “special” sites for that stuff? Why don’t people go to the hook up for sex sites to find someone that is into that kind of meeting?

  8. Martica Avatar

    OMG!!!! I had no idea what “other pictures” meant. I’ve been asked so many times and I always say sure and just send some additional ones with a friend. LOL I can just imagine the guy’s face when he opens the picture. LMAO!!!! Thank you DG for clarifying that one for me.

  9. Diana Avatar

    I don’t understand this stuff either. I recently met a man when I was out shopping, he asked for my phone number and called me later that same day.

    We talked for a few hours, and we agreed to go out the next night. He ended up wanting to keep me on the phone so we could have phone sex! On our first conversation!

    I ended up getting off the phone and canceled with him the next day.

  10. Susan Avatar

    When they send me photos of their woodies, I thank them and inform them I’m going to publish it on the internet along side all the others. 😉

  11. Cindy Avatar

    I was horrified to receive 5 pictures from his cell phone -at midnight- after only one date. All 5 were highly graphic and featured a couple becoming intimately acquainted. I certainly didn’t ask for “other pictures”, or suggest that I might be interested in them, so I reported him to the police the next day. Perhaps I overreacted, as it was my first “internet date”, but I was a little freaked. Now I would probably laugh.