Him or someone better

Do you know the prayer, “This or something better”? It is commonly used when you are awaiting some good news — a new job, new client, offer on a new home, college acceptance.

Sometimes I’ve wished that it will work out with a new guy and he will be “the one.” He seems great in so many ways. But we’re just starting to date so don’t know how it might turn out.

I’m tempted to wish he is “the one.” If I hang onto that desire too strongly, I become nearly obsessed waiting for his calls, imagining our life together, planning the wedding, etc. — after only a few dates.

So to get past this yearning, I’ve started practicing an adaptation of the prayer. My verson is “Let him be the one, or someone better.” So if he is not the one (which is how it’s worked out so far), there is plenty of room for “someone better” (as in a better fit for me) to come along.

Try it the next time you seem besotted with someone in the early stages of the relationship. Let me know how it works for you.

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