I’m baaaaaack!

camel caravanWhile a month away can seem like a long time, it doesn’t when you’re in it. In fact, time took on a surrealism that I don’t experience when I am in the US. Because everything was so new and different — especially in India — every day seemed full. Cities we’d visited just days ago felt like a week ago, and those from last week seemed like a month. I love that feeling because it means I am very present, more so than at home. I take in all the sights and smells because they are unusual. At home there aren’t cows and camels and elephants in the streets. There aren’t women clad in bright-colored, sparkly saris.

I came back appreciating everything I saw and experienced, especially the kind, fun people who I encountered. Nearly everyone was nice, even when they didn’t want a tip or for me to buy something from them. And after India, I appreciated Singapore all the more, with its pristine streets and subway, drinkable water, and 24/7 electricity. Which made me appreciate the same things when I returned home.

However, I did return home with a serious sore throat (from delivering 10 presentations in 8 days) and serious jet lag. I don’t know which knocked me out, but I’ve been sleeping a lot and awakening at strange hours.

Now, back to dating! During my absence Playgirl Guy kept in touch with a few emails and a few after my return. But no phone call. I’m thinking he’s just not that into me.

A new suitor emailed while I was away and once I returned, we’ve had frequent phone calls. But we haven’t met as he was called out of town a few days after I was back. Three others have emailed, but no phone conversations. And finally, someone I haven’t seen in months, who calls infrequently, called yesterday and we’ll see each other after my next trip this week (this one’s domestic for a few days). It will be interesting to see if the connection is still there after months of not seeing each other.

I’m not sure my foreign sojourn shifted my perspective on dating. I kept up with those where there was mutual interest, but I had very little time to do so. So I will continue to keep you apprised of my lessons and insights on this journey known as midlife dating. At least there aren’t any elephants or camels to contend with — just an occasional toad.

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3 responses to “I’m baaaaaack!”

  1. Steve Mertz Avatar

    Welcome Home Goddess! Are you sure you don’t have any great stories/video that you would like to share about your dating adventures overseas 🙂

  2. Single Mom Seeking Avatar

    Welcome back! We missed you, Dear Goddess.

    Didn’t you have a lovey-dovey waiting for you back on the home front?

  3. Dating Goddess Avatar
    Dating Goddess

    Thanks Steve and Rachel!

    No, no video to share. I’m no Paris Hilton! And the only minor dating-related stories are already here.

    And the only “lovey-dovey” waiting for me is Playgirl Guy, and as I said, he’s not killing himself to make contact so I think he’s not that into me. However, New Guy (no pet name yet) emailed several times while I was gone and we’ve talked nightly since I arrived home, before he got called out of town. He’ll be back Sunday, so we plan to meet then. He should get a pet name then!

    Thanks to all my readers for hanging in during my travels, even when this blog wasn’t about dating. I appreciate you all!