“Is he blog worthy?”

When people learn I have a dating blog, they often ask if I blog after each date. I explain that I don’t do date reviews, but I do comment about guys I’m dating or have dated in the context of a lesson. Without real examples, I think this blog would be boring.

So now people who are familiar with my philosophy ask if a guy is “blog worthy.” This references a periodic bit on the Seinfeld TV show where Elaine found a contraceptive she liked, the Today Sponge, that had stopped being produced. In deciding if she would Today spongesleep with a guy she was dating, she asked if he was “sponge-worthy.” Since she had a limited supply of the sponge, she didn’t want to waste any on guys who weren’t going to be good in bed.

Being “blog worthy” is the equivalent. Readers think that if a guy is blog worthy, he must be significant. Not really. Yes, if I’m enamored with a guy, he will most likely make it into the blog. But really, it has more to do with the lesson I’m writing about and now best to illustrate the lesson with a real-life story. Sometimes the guy I’m dating isn’t a good example for the lesson I want to illustrate. But often times, the boyfriend-of-the-month sparks an epiphany, thus a lesson and blog posting.

How do you decide if a guy is the equivalent for you of sponge worthy — worth telling your pals about?

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