“Let it please be him”

I remember singing Vikki Carr‘s “It Must Be Him” whenever a lovesick roommate would be awaiting a call from her new beau and the phone rang. It goes

“Let it please be him, oh dear God
It must be him or I shall die
Or I shall die
Oh hello, hello my dear God
It must be him but it’s not him
And then I die
That’s when I die.”

That’s what I feel like now when I’m awaiting a new suitor’s call. He didn’t say when he’d call, just that he’d call. And I long to talk to him. I haven’t heard from him in 3 days.

“So why don’t you call him?” you ask.

“I left him a message yesterday. I don’t even know if he’s back from his business trip. Maybe he’s still gone. If I call again, will I appear desparate? Everything I’ve read says the man should long for you. He should pursue the woman. If she sounds too available and needy, it’s a turn off.”

“Cell phones work in all parts of the country. Even if he were busy, he could find five mintues before he went to bed to call you. If he were flying yesterday or today, there’s plenty of waiting time at the airport for a quick ‘Hello.’ No, you shouldn’t call again.”

And so I busy myself with other activities so as to not focus on the phone not ringing. I hate this part of dating.
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