“Men are putty” — sometimes silly putty

A male pal shared that he was dating a new woman. He said he was really drawn to her, because, in part she was into him! Isn’t it interesting how attractive someone can become when he or she is attracted to you?

He excitedly shared that she was happy when he called, said she enjoyed spending time with him, and thanked him for his kindnesses. He said this was a departure from the women he’s taken out lately. This woman’s appreciation made him want to do anything for her. He added, “When we men are appreciated, we’re putty.”

Are men really that easy to make into putty? I’ve never felt I’ve “puttified” a man, although I do all the things my friend was thrilled about. In fact, some experts tell women to not show appreciation, to be aloof, and make the man work hard for any acknowledgements. I say poppycock. I treat men the way I like to be treated — with kindness, appreciation and care. One man I dated told me, “I can’t imagine why anyone would ever break up with you.” Were that this was true. But it showed that he felt well treated, so was putty in my hands.

What makes you turn to putty? I know what melts my heart. It’s not big things, but cumulative little things. Make a list of what you love, from kisses on the back of your neck, to help bringing in groceries, to chivalrous acts. Ask your man to do the same. Then swap lists so you know how to make the other happy.

silly puttyWhen we are happy and feel appreciated we all can let our fun-loving selves out to play. Then we can become silly putty!

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One response to ““Men are putty” — sometimes silly putty”

  1. Bruce Daley Avatar

    We are all putty in your hands Goddess!