My experience being on the Greg Behrendt Show

I flew into Los Angeles the night before the taping of the Greg Behrendt Show. A driver took me from the hotel to the studio. I was promptly whisked to hair and make up where two professionals took excellent care of me. I left their studio looking “maaaarvelous,” as Billy Crystal would say.

Then to a ready room with the other “pop up” guests. We would be seated in the audience and called on by Greg at the appointed time. I was told I’d be in the fourth quarter of the show. Now off to get our mics affixed as unobtrusively as possible. We then took our pre-assigned seats in the audience. I was front and center so got a great view of everything!

Taping a show is a lot of hurry up and wait. So I arrived at 2:00 for a 4:00 taping. Since the show had only been in production about a month, there were still little hiccups. We had a few do-overs if the host or staff flubbed something. So we ended around 6:00.

At the appropriate time, Greg called on me. I’d been told to share a bit about myself and ask a pre-determined question to the panel. I shared that I’d been married 20 years, divorced 3, and in the last 2 years I’d gone out with 66 men. The audience and panel spontaneously applauded! I was surprised. Was that an accomplishment? I didn’t know. I continued with my question, which I can’t tell you as I signed a non-disclosure that says I can’t talk about the content of the show!

During the show, Greg made comments and directed a lot of questions to a panel of celebrities and one “expert” who wasn’t particularly articulate and seemed nervous. In fact, I thought he made fun of one of the pop-ups who had disclosed something very personal and tender.

But Greg was warm, personable, funny and hip. He shared some personal things as well as drew others out.

We had audience polling devices to respond to some on-screen questions. One question only had two possible responses and we didn’t like either one and wanted a third so the audience refused to vote! A minor mutiny! Greg handled it well.

The staff was great, from the host and producers on down. Everyone I interacted with was professional, courteous, efficient and gracious.

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