Review of “Dating Without Drama”

Dating Without DramaI recently read Paige Parker’s eBook, Dating Without Drama. In it she covers typical dating book topics like how to meet men, getting a guy to ask you out, first dating tips, post-date drama, The Calling Game decoded, deciding if he is “boyfriend material,” showing him you’re “girlfriend material,” getting intimate, meeting the friends/family and getting serious.

Wow! I’m worn out! She covers quite a lot in the 115 pages. She has a conversational style as if you are getting the scoop over a cuppa Joe. She says she interviewed lots of guys to understand what’s in their head. She even has a bonus 8-page guide that comes with the purchase called, “The Man-to-English Dictionary.” Yep, I agree with those definitions.

She publishes a free weekly “Dating Dish” which she describes as a dating secrets e-course. You have to register on her site — and therefore get the weekly email — before you can get more info or buy the book. I find the weekly email usually interesting, sometimes helpful, easy to read, and of course, laden with “suggestions” that you buy her ebook. 🙂 But hey, that’s why most of us give free content!

So if you want to explore Paige’s advice, sign up in the box. If you think her book would be useful, buy it. You can always unsubscribe to her weekly email if you don’t want it anymore. (To buy her book, click here.)

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7 responses to “Review of “Dating Without Drama””

  1. Melissa Avatar

    Do you recommend the book? I tend to steer clear of dating books that tell women that men ahve to pursue them; the fun part for me is the chase, wtf!

    -M female 24

  2. Tania Avatar

    I want to buy the book dating without drama by paige parker where can I buy it from? Can anyone help please, my email address is….Thanks

  3. karen Avatar


  4. Jenn Avatar

    I really need to buy this book too but the website doesn’t seem to be working? How can I get it?!?

  5. katie white Avatar
    katie white

    how can i get this book? could anyone let me know please???

  6. Kenneisha Avatar

    How can i get the book? I really need the book and i have tried various means but none of them seem to be working!!!!!

  7. Hot Alpha Female Avatar

    I’m still amazed about how much valuable content Paige Parker puts in her book! Dating without Drama is freaken awesome! Still one of the best books to date that I have read about dating advice for women.

    For those of you girls trying to get her book, I think Dating Goddess has provided some links in her post. So start clicking away.

    Anyways, I highly recommend to girls and even guys. lol

    Hot Alpha Female