Singapore tailor yentas

SolitoThe last time I was in Singapore I had some suits made so I decided to return to the same tailors. Serendipitously, they are in the building next to my hotel! I visited them my first day here and they remembered me and even what I bought.

Singapore riverThey are a playful group of Indian men — all cousins — so we began to banter. When I returned the next day, a tall, good-looking, well-dressed German man was finishing getting fitted for a suit. We talked a little, but he was just leaving the shop. After he left I interrogated the tailors for information on him: Was he married (no ring)? Girlfriend? Where was he from? Where and how long was he staying? What did he do? They had answers for all these questions.

Singapore river 2They offered to tell the German he had an admirer when he returned the next day for more fitting. I gave them my card, my hotel and my Singapore cell number. I know he’s staying longer than me, so we’ll see if our tailors can not only tell if a suit is a good fit, but a suitor.

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    You might have find the best tailor.