Sweetie-less for Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day is meant for lovers. So what if you are alone on this day designed to celebrate love? What if you are like many women who are dating, but without a regular sweetie with whom to celebrate Valentine’s Day? Perhaps you’ve been dating around, but there’s no one with whom it makes sense to get lovey-dovey on this, the snuggle fest of holidays. Or maybe you have yet to stick your toe in the dating pool.

There are many ways to spend the day wrapped in love, even if you are without a sweetie. Here are some ideas for you:

  • Remind yourself what a terrific catch you are.* Make a list of all the things you love and appreciate about you. It’s easy to focus on what we don’t like about ourselves. But this is the day to be your own valentine. Write yourself a poem. Put on fresh sheets. Buy your favorite flowers. Fix your favorite meal.
  • Treat yourself as your valentine. Do for yourself what makes you feel loved. Do something you like to do that you don’t do very often: draw a warm bath, play favorite music, light candles and relax. Or order take out, get in your jammies early and snuggle down with a DVD. Or turn up the stereo and dance to your favorite music. Indulge and enjoy what you love to do.
  • Take yourself out for the day or evening, but not to places frequented by couples. Is there a new museum exhibit you’ve wanted to see? Been wanting to luxuriate with a massage? Haven’t had a facial or pedicure in a while? Pamper yourself and show yourself some love.
  • Meet up with some gal pals for a group pedicure, hike, movie or night on the town. Initiate a group exercise where you all tell each of the others one thing you admire about her. It will feel like a group hug!
  • Show your appreciation to loved ones. Send free virtual bouquets from flowers2mail.com along with a note on why you’re glad they’re in your life. Send an online valentine card. Call to tell someone what a difference they make to you. Most of us don’t get enough acknowledgment. You’ll be amazed how much love you get back just by sharing some with others.

So don’t let it get you down if you don’t have a steady beau in your life to shower you with affection. You already have a steady love — you! Don’t take yourself for granted!

Assessing Your Assets* If you need some help, get DG’s new book Assessing Your Assets: Why You’re A Great Catch which will make a fun Valentine’s weekend read!


4 responses to “Sweetie-less for Valentine’s Day?”

  1. Ellen Avatar

    Thanks for the reminder to love myself. I’m spending a day enjoying my own company, reading a good book, cooking a yummy lunch, doing a puzzle, and catching up on some things I’ve TIVOed. I might just take a nap and go to a movie! I was feeling kinda sad about being without a sweetie, and now I feel rich and satisfied. All because of you and your lovely post. I put a quote from it on my blog at http://www.wonderfulonlinewomenLA.com. Thanks from my heart for sharing your love with us. xo Ellen

  2. WASHWORDS Avatar

    Yes, loving yourself is so important sweetie-less or sweetie-full. I recently started writing my “tales of the exes” on my blog (http://washwords.com/words/tag/x-files/) with the thought that when I was single it would cheer me to laugh and castigate the evil exes.

    Actually, it’s turning out to be something more: a way of showing myself the good in me and the things I had to learn, too.

    As someone newly living with her love, which don’t misunderstand I am loving, yet still.. the days of tears and feeling “other” aren’t so far behind that I don’t feel them and bubble baths and books and cereal for dinner if i chose aren’t so far behind that i don’t miss it 🙂

    lovely post and blog. i’ll be back.

  3. Miss Profe Avatar

    I celebrated Valentine’s Day with a luxury manicure and pedicure. We were treated to complimentary cupcakes, champagne, hot chocolate and chocolate-covered strawberries. I also ordered some things from Victoria’s Secret, and watched a movie.

  4. Lola Avatar

    I was sweetie -less this Valentines Day.But I was not down at all. I have a very special nephew (4 yrs old ) that I overindulged with Valentines Day trinkets and of course candy. And I capped the night off with some good wine and a good flick. I’m glad to read that people are thinking the same as me – you really have to make the best of each day. Even when you are alone.