The boyfriend phone

I give a prospective suitor only my cell phone number until I know him well enough to know he won’t be a stalker. A cell phone number can’t be traced easily to a street address, as a land line can.

Since few people other than potential or current suitors call me on this phone, I’ve begun referring to it as “the boyfriend phone.” Sort of like the Bat Phone, but they get the Goddess rather than Batman. And while their needs may seem urgent to them, unlike Batman, rarely do I drop everything and fly to them. Their urgency passes once they take a cold shower or start doing their taxes and stop thinking about the delectable Goddess.

Once we exchange numbers, I enter his into my cell phone. Then when/if he calls, I know who I’ll be talking to, unless he’s blocked his ID. If I’m with another guy, I turn off the ringer and don’t answer. That would be rude!

Some people have ring tones specific to each guy. I wanted to have “It Must Be Him” or “Some Enchanted Evening” or “Let’s Get it On” linked to specific guys, depending on how I felt about him. But drat, I can’t figure out how to download ring tones to my Verizon Treo 650. (I have to download to my computer then sync.) Have any hints?

If you use your cell primarily for personal calls and potential beaus, consider only giving your first name in the outgoing message, again for your safety. It is so easy to Google you and find out where you live and a map to your house. There’s no need to give more info than needed.

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