The deliciousness of pillow talk

choc on pillowThere’s something delicious about late-night calls with your sweetheart. They are even more yummy than a mint on your pillow, and I love chocolate!

When snuggled in bed talking on the phone the conversation seems to get deeper, more tender, and of course, sometimes provocative! This virtual tucking in can bring you closer as long as one of you doesn’t drift off. It seems easier to talk about hopes, dreams, fears and feelings than conversations in the light of day.

Of course, I think the best time to discuss these things is when you are nestled in each others’ arms. But absent the other’s presence, you can envelope yourself in your sweetie’s voice and words. You can really focus on what’s being said without visual and tactile distractions.

This connectedness can help you drift to slumberland feeling warm and loved. You’ll likely have sweet dreams, a restful night and wake up refreshed — assuming you didn’t talk til the wee hours! And when next you see your love, you’ll feel closer.

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