The purrrrfect partner

I had a new guy in my bed last night. He was sweet, affectionate and cute. He begged and begged. It’s not the first time I’ve fallen for a persuasive male. However, I didn’t even know his name until the morning when we awoke wrapped around each other. And I didn’t learn it from him.

While staying at a friend’s house, her cat Calvin insisted on sleeping with me. I welcomed him. His soft purring and luxurious fur were irresistible.

It made me think of what we do when men are beguiling. Perhaps it’s their looks, their attention, their feel, their soft words of adoration — whether sincere or fake. Sometimes we can be easily persuaded. They reward us for our attention with affection we may be craving. They are responsive to our touch, they verbalize their approval. In fact, several men have literally purred when I stroked their hair or gave them a shoulder massage.

And just like cats, some men can be aloof when they’ve received what they want. Calvin jumped off the bed when he heard other voices, seeking his next affection provider. She may not have been nicer, prettier, thinner, needier, buffer or younger. She was just perhaps more available than the still-drowsy me. Some other woman who was happy to stroke him, talk sweetly and give him the care he wanted.

Cats and men disappear for their own reasons. Some come back when they want what you provided. Others are gone forever when they find a handler who makes life easy on them. It’s not you, it’s him. Enjoy what you’ve got when you’ve got it. And release him fully when he disappears. Clutching at him will only result in his claws coming out and your getting scratched — physically or emotionally.

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3 responses to “The purrrrfect partner”

  1. Elena Avatar

    That Calvin sounds like a real player!! 😀 Very original take on the whole “men are dogs” theme. It sounds much nicer to say “men are cats.” (P.S. To all the male readers out there, I don’t believe men are dogs, although DG’s analogy to cat behavior totally works for me! 🙂

  2. Elena Avatar

    Another thing about household pets, like cats and dogs, is that we humans can learn a lot from them. Cats and dogs enjoy the moment, live in the moment and they have no difficulty expressing their needs and looking for ways to have those needs met.

  3. Mitsy Avatar

    I love the cat/man story! I’m a total cat person and believe that my 2 girl kitties love me no matter what. But, they both do have their moments when they do not want to be held whatsoever. They are independent, just like me. But unfortunately, cats are not fickle in the same way men (or women) can be. They are not being manipulative or mean-spirited just because they don’t want to sit right next to you or be held or cuddled. But, they are always waiting for me when I get home from work, no matter how late that might be. I am such a cat Momma. LOL