The spooky side of dating

There are ghouls, goblins and other scary creatures lurking in the dating world, so beware of these potential nightmares:

  • wolfmanThe undead guy who shows up looking like he’s wearing a mask of someone decades older than his online photo.
  • The wolfman who morphs from gentleman to masher once the sun — and a drink or two too many — goes down.
  • The vampire wannabe who tries to suck your face off minutes after meeting you.
  • The zombie who doesn’t crack a smile during the date, uttering only one-word answers to your questions.
  • The spider-like man, who seems to have eight arms, all trying to cop a feel.
  • The shape shifter who seems mild-mannered, but then he tells you of his kinky preferences and expects you’ll participate fully — tonight.
  • The gutter rat who tells you he loves you and you are The One, then disappears without a word.
  • The ghost who you can see right through as he tries to woo you with trite platitudes.
  • Emotionally unavailable Frankensteins who pull back when the relationship seems to be getting serious.
  • The Lost Boys who never want to grow up and have a serious, monogamous relationship, so stay stuck in adolescent behaviors.

How do you avoid being caught in any of these creatures’ spell? Vigilance. Don’t let down your guard until you know for sure he isn’t one of these soul (and heart) snatchers. And, unlike most horror movies, don’t go in creepy places at night alone — or accompanied by one of these guys!

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5 responses to “The spooky side of dating”

  1. Jeff Mac Avatar

    Very funny stuff!

    How about The Blob, always with the, “Eh, I don’t know…whatever YOU want to do…”

  2. Sassy Avatar

    Wow! Can’t say I’ve dated all of these, but I’ve had my share. This is a fun way to remind us all to be on the lookout for creepy dates!

    Oh, and let’s not forget the women….How about the Wicked Witch who just toys with men’s affections and treats everyone like they’re slime?

  3. Lance Avatar

    Very good DG, very good….ha. This one of my favorites….Happy Halloween.

  4. Jim Avatar

    Happy Halloween! I have been looking for some useful safety tips. Any advice? I am a bbw, currently looking for partner. There are many general dating tips, but you know what I want is bbw dating tips. Thank you.

  5. Gatti Avatar

    Are there different sets of rules for different sized people?????