Use funny emails for unresponsive contacts

It is frustrating when you initiate contact with a guy you think is a good match, and you don’t hear back. My single male friends tell me it’s often because they don’t feel it’s a good match and they don’t want to hurt your feelings by saying this, so they don’t respond. Other pals have shared that some are involved with someone, but don’t want to cut you off in case it doesn’t work out with their current squeeze. So you feel like your email went into the same place lost socks in the washer go.

Occasionally, I’ll be interested enough in a guy to follow up. I know I’m flattered when someone checks back a month or so later (recently a guy reconnected after a year of the initial email, though we never met). So I devised this email to send and hopefully pique the unresponsive guy’s interest enough to respond.

I sent you an email about a month ago, so am guessing that you (pick all that apply):

  1. Didn’t get it,
  2. Got it but ignored it,
  3. Got it but didn’t find my profile intriguing,
  4. Got kidnapped by aliens — again!
  5. Decided we live too far from each other and the thought of being far away from each other is unendurable,
  6. Broke your fingers while trying to karate-chop a wood plank so now can’t type,
  7. Found the love of your life,
  8. Are too shy to respond to a woman emailing you,
  9. Mom won’t let you talk to strange women,
  10. Were too busy to even consider dating.
  11. Got offered a movie role and have been rehearsing love scenes with Cameron Diaz for oh so many hours,
  12. Won the lottery and have now moved to a Pacific island. Or, of course,
  13. None of the above and it’s none of my business what you’ve been doing!

I thought I should just check in with you.

A few have responded to my humor and creativity. Try it yourself and tell me what happens.

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