Waves are like people

My sweetie has taken me to a romantic 2-day beach retreat. Our hotel room is 30 feet from the water’s edge. It is beautiful to watch the turbulent ocean dance outside our door.

There are two rocks off shore but near the beach. The breakers wrap around each outcropping and come together on the beach side, so we watch them hug and intertwine. How romantic!

wavesWalking on the beach and watching the waves reminded me of an article I wrote years ago after visiting some friends on the Gulf Coast. While it isn’t specific to dating, I think some of the metaphor does apply.

Waves Are Like People

The morning was spectacular — a warm Gulf breeze brushed my cheeks. Waves scampered across the beach.

Meditating on the waves’ delicious sound, color and dance, I observed that even as they were approaching the shore, they were retreating.

A small berm lay between me and the surf. A few waves crossed the crest and scurried toward me. But most were spent before reaching the top.

I tried to discern which wave would make it over the top. At first, I thought I could tell by the size of the swell. Surely the largest would make it over. No.

Turning when I heard a loud crash, I thought, “That one will surely make it over.” No.

Then it hit me. These waves are like people. And the metaphor machine kicked into motion.

  • Even as people move forward, progress is pitted with forces pulling us back. Sometimes we give into these forces when the pressure is too great. Sometimes we still progress despite the resistance.
  • We never know what power is inside people that propels them over the top. It’s invisible. Sometimes these people aren’t even aware that it’s there.
  • The people who come on the loudest, often don’t have what it takes to ascend the crest.
  • People who look like they’ve got the power to make it often don’t. They may look like winners on the outside, but are missing the power inside to succeed.
  • Achievers are often quiet in their pursuits. We wouldn’t necessarily predict that they were going to make it.

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One response to “Waves are like people”

  1. Bxpansive Avatar


    I enjoyed this piece a lot because of the accuracy of the imagery to dating and people. Inherent in those mesmerizing waves is movement and change, the unknown and the power. They wash over you and push you and pull you and they are salty, cold or warm. If you like playing in the ocean, then play, but ,like sailing the deep, you are never going to know what may blow in or be in control of it. Most of us like to engage in exercizing control. My most difficult relationships have been my most fulfilling and the best moments, for both partners I think, were when we relinquished control of the outcome without relinquishing our selves. It is such a breath of fresh air.